2014 Comment Letters

Below is a listing of AACC's most recent comment letters. If you have questions regarding AACC's positions, please contact AACC Government Affairs at (800) 892-1400.

08/20/14        AACC joined with other health care groups in urging HRSA to provide greater recognition to the Allied Health and Laboratory professions.
08/19/14              AACC urges IOM to address ‘harmonization’ in its forthcoming study on “Diagnostic Error in Health Care”
06/17/14            AACC urges NYS to rescind directive on use POCT blood glucose monitors in hospitals until federal agencies final policies
06/16/14            AACC requests CMS conduct an impact analysis study on new private market rate payment system on patient access to care
05/13/14           AACC joined with other health care provider in urging House leaders to schedule a vote on H.R.1281, the Newborn Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act
04/29/14           AACC provided comments to the FDA seeking changes to its draft guidance on the use of POCT blood glucose monitors in professional settings
04/03/14          AACC joined with the Friends of AHRQ in supporting continued funding for the agency in FY'15
03/20/14           AACC recommended report language for the harmonization of clinical laboratory test results
03/20/14           AACC wrote Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) opposing the President's proposed cuts in laboratory reimbursement
03/20/14          AACC wrote to Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) in support of continued federal funding for the National Children's Study
03/20/14           AACC urged Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) to include report language in the Labor HHS Appropriations bill recognizing the need to harmonize laboratory test results
03/12/14           AACC and the American Academy of Pain Management recommended the Medicare contractor Noridian pay for specimen validity testing
02/26/14           AACC joined the Clinical Laboratory Coalition in opposing additional cuts in laboratory reimbursement
01/29/14          AACC wrote FDA seeking clarification regarding aspects of its final RUO/IUO guidance

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