2013 Comment Letters

Below is a listing of AACC's most recent comment letters. If you have questions regarding AACC's positions, please contact AACC Government Affairs at (800) 892-1400.

11/18/13              AACC provides comments to CMS regarding its proposed PT referral changes to CLIA’88
10/28/13              AACC urges CMS to reconsider molecular pathology codes that were not priced as part of the gap-fill process
10/15/13              AACC supports CDC funding to develop reference methods and materials for certain conditions
09/26/13              AACC endorses USPSTF recommendation that adults be screened for HCV
09/10/13  AACC endorsed Senate legislation reauthorization the federal newborn screening program
08/27/13  AACC recommended that CMS reconsider including laboratory tests with the Ambulatory Payment Classification system
08/23/13  AACC joined with other laboratory groups in opposing additional cuts in pathology services
08/19/13  AACC wrote to CMS questioning the validity of its plan to reduce lab payments based on advances in technology
07/26/13  AACC joined with the American Academy of Pain Medicine in opposing Palmetto's decision to stop reimbursing for specimen validity testing.
07/11/13  AACC joined with the Clinical Laboratory Coalition in raising objections to an OIG report recommending cuts in laboratory reimbursement
07/08/13  AACC wrote to CMS express concerns about it was pricing the new molecular pathology codes
05/07/13  AACC endorsed legislation supporting advances in newborn screening programs
05/07/13  AACC urged congressional leaders to support federal funding for the National Children's Study
04/18/13  AACC joined with the Friends of AHRQ in supporting the President's FY'14 budget request for AHRQ
04/16/13  AACC wrote to congressional leaders opposing an extension of the 1.75 percent cut in the lab CPI update
03/18/13  AACC joined with other Associations in opposing restrictions on federal employee attendance at educational meetings
03/11/13  AACC objected to the adoption of a laboratory copayment
03/04/13  AACC provided feedback to NCS regarding proposed Medicare edits
03/04/13  AACC provided comments to CMS regarding changes to its PT rule
02/26/13   AACC endorsed Senate legislation to repeal the medical device tax
02/20/13  AACC endorsed legislation repealing the medical device excise tax
02/04/13  AACC endorsed legislation eliminating the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which can implement cuts in Medicare payments without congressional involvement 
01/29/13  AACC urged key congressional leaders to oppose further cuts in laboratory reimbursement
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