2012 Comment Letters

Below is a listing of AACC's most recent comment letters. If you have questions regarding AACC's positions, please contact AACC Government Affairs at (800) 892-1400.

11/29/12  AACC joins with the Clinical Laboratory Coalition in opposing additional cuts in laboratory payments
10/10/12  AACC writes to CMS recommendation revisions to the draft Individualized Quality Control Plan
09/19/12  AACC writes to the State of Massachusetts urging support for harmonization efforts
09/18/12 AACC writes to CMS suggesting that most molecular codes remain on the clinical laboratory fee schedule
08/08/12 AACC urges CMS to consider technology when determining which fee schedule to place the new molecular codes
08/01/12 AACC endorses H.R.6118, the "Taking Essential Steps for Testing Act," which would give CMS more flexibility in assessing penalties for violating the CLIA PT referral provisions
07/30/12 AACC supports full federal funding for the NIH National Children's Study
07/30/12 AACC urges legislators to oppose the elimination of funding for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
07/12/12 AACC wrote to CMS opposing the placement of all molecular codes on a single fee schedule
07/12/12 AACC provided CMS with input regarding the payment amounts for the new 2013 CPT codes
06/25/12 AACC provided input to the FDA regarding the design and performance of indwelling continuous blood glucose monitors
06/06/12 AACC joins with the Clinical Laboratory Coalition in seeing the repeal of the forthcoming medical device tax
05/21/12 AACC opposes inclusion of LDT legislation in FDA user fee legislation
05/16/12 AACC supports House changes to the de novo process
05/09/12 AACC supports Senate changes to the de novo process
05/07/12 AACC submits comment to CMS regarding March 7, 2012 CMS proposed rule regarding electronic health record incentive payments
05/01/12 AACC supports congressional involvement regarding the FDA June 2011 RUO/IUO draft guidance
03/19/12 AACC joins with the Friends of AHRQ in supporting additional research funding for AHRQ
03/14/12 AACC provides input to the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute regarding its research agenda
03/05/12 AACC, as part of the DC Principles Coalition, opposes legislation that gives the government a greater role in determining when private sector articles are made free to the public
02/28/12 AACC supports continued funding for the National Children's Study
02/28/12 AACC opposes legislation that would eliminate the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
02/16/12 AACC seeks answers regarding the impact of congressional legislation on patient access to laboratory developed tests
02/15/12 AACC and the Clinical Laboratory Coalition opposes proposed cuts in laboratory reimbursement
02/02/12 AACC supports congressional efforts to streamline the FDA's de novo process
01/20/12 AACC supports the Joint Commission's efforts to reduce inappropriate test utilization
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