2011 Comment Letters

Below is a listing of AACC's most recent comment letters. If you have questions regarding AACC's positions, please contact AACC Government Affairs at (800) 892-1400.

12/20/11 AACC expresses concerns with CMS about use of troponin quality indicator
11/08/11 AACC supports congressional efforts to streamline the FDA de novo process
10/26/11 AACC supports CMS efforts to protect patient privacy, but expresses concerns about laboratory access to de-identified excess specimens
10/04/11 AACC supports CMS's efforts to allow patients greater access to their laboratory test results
09/27/11 AACC opposes additional congressional cuts in laboratory payments
09/07/11 AACC joins the Clinical Laboratory Coalition in opposing additional cuts in laboratory reimbursement
09/06/11 AACC supports improvements to the 510(K) process
08/23/11 AACC expresses concerns with the impact of the FDA's RUO/IUO policy on the ability of labs to purchase critical devices needed to provide patient care
08/22/11 AACC supports the FDA's decision to downclassify devices for which safety and effectiveness is well established
08/03/11 AACC urges FDA to permit responsible laboratories continued access to RUO/IUO reagents
07/18/11 AACC supports CMS's decision to permit laboratories to bill Medicare without a physician signature
07/18/11 AACC urges CMS to maintain a mechanism for non MDs to bill for molecular diagnostic interpretations and reports
07/11/11 AACC joins Clinical Laboratory Coalition in opposing establishment of a Medicare laboratory co-payment
06/27/11 AACC identifies HHS policies that merit regulatory review
06/06/11 AACC identifies FDA regulations that merit regulatory review
06/01/11 AACC opposes establishment of Medicare co-payment for laboratory services
04/21/11 AACC supports additional research funding for AHRQ
03/28/11 AACC supports greater oversight of DTC genetic tests
03/22/11 AACC supports expanded Medicare coverage for STI screening tests
03/02/11 AACC supports continued funding for NIH National Children's Study.
02/23/11 AACC opposes elimination of new Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.
02/23/11 AACC urges repeal of new Independent Payment Advisory Board.
02/07/11 AACC backs effort to repeal new health care reform paperwork requirement.
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