2004 Comment Letters
Below is a listing of AACC's most recent comment letters. If you have questions regarding AACC's positions, please contact AACC Government Affairs at (800) 892-1400. 
11/17/04 AACC submitted comments to CMS regarding future guidance documents
09/30/04 AACC submitted comments to NIH regarding its ‘public access’ proposal
09/08/04 AACC submitted comments to CMS regarding the new cardiovascular and diabetes screening tests
07/26/04 AACC provided testimony to CMS regarding the payment amounts for new tests.
07/22/04 AACC submitted comments to CMS regarding ways it can streamline the review process for new technologies.
07/06/04 AACC wrote to Senator Bob Graham endorsing S.2535, the Medicare Preventive Services Coverage Act of 2004.
07/01/04 AACC submitted comments to SAMHSA regarding its revised mandatory drug testing guidelines.
06/17/04 AACC wrote to Senator Maria Cantwell endorsing S.2491, the Allied Health Professions Reinvestment Act of 2004.
06/08/04 AACC submitted comments to SACGHS regarding their draft White Paper on “Coverage and Reimbursement of Genetic Technologies and Services.”
05/26/04 AACC wrote to SACGHS public and private sector coverage and reimbursement for molecular diagnostic tests.
04/28/04 AACC wrote to Rep. Cliff Stearns endorsing H.R.4016, the “Allied Health Professions Reinvestment Act of 2004.”
03/31/04 AACC wrote to the state of Florida opposing the Medicaid program’s plan to adopt competitive bidding for laboratory testing
03/03/04 AACC submitted comments to CMS regarding the forthcoming Medicare clinical laboratory services demonstration project
02/24/04 AACC submitted comments to FDA regarding its recent draft guidance on the data and labeling requirements for drugs of abuse tests



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