Personalized Diagnostics Today

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 9:00 AM - Wednesday, October 29, 2014 5:00 PM

In the decade since the human genome map was completed, researchers made tremendous strides in identifying genetic biomarkers that can detect disease earlier, faster and more accurately. New fields of medicine (most of which end in "omics") began examining patients' specific genetic information to customize patient therapy. Today, "precision diagnostics" or "personalized diagnostics" centers are opening worldwide to meet the diagnostic testing needs of clinicians practicing personalized medicine.

During this virtual meeting — conducted completely online — you will learn how laboratorians use technologies like tandem mass spectrometry, genotyping, sequencing, and high-precision cell analyses to provide clinicians with personalized information. You will also hear how laboratorians working in the fields of proteomics, metabolomics, and pharmacogenetics are helping to advance personalized medicine and improve patient care.  

In twelve sessions over 2 days, explore the many ways labs provide or manage the information that informs the practice of personalized medicine today. The conference offers up to 21 continuing education credits, is free for AACC members, and available to non-AACC members at an attractive rate.

Enjoy a stimulating mix of scientific presentations, interaction with virtual exhibitors, abstract presenters, and colleagues via a variety of applications designed to enhance your online experience.


This conference is sponsored by AACC and the AACC Personalized Medicine Division, with special sessions developed in cooperation with the AACC Clinical Translational Sciences Division, the AACC Molecular Pathology Division, the AACC Proteomics Division and the NCI Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research. To learn more about corporate support opportunities, contact the AACC sponsorship department.