Critical and Point-of-Care Testing: Real World and Emerging Applications for Improved Clinical Outcomes
September 18, 2014

Keynote Presentation

Complex molecular tests at the point of care: Current 1-hour sample-to-answer panels and the future potential of PCR in < 1 minute.
Carl Wittwer, MD, PhD, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

SESSION 1: POCT and Molecular Diagnostics
Point-of-Care Molecular Diagnostics: The Future
Frederick Kiechle, MD, PhD, Memorial Healthcare System, Hollywood, FL, USA
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Point-of-Care Applications for Malaria Detection
Stephanie Yanow, PhD, Alberta Health Services, CN
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Development of the Rapid 2C19 Mutation Test
Paul Lem, MD, CEO, Spartan Biosciences, Ottawa, ON, CN
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Derek So, MD, University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Ottawa, ON, CN
Oral Abstract Presentation
Battery Powered DNA Testing System for POCT and Resource Limited Settings
James Lipscomb, X-Bar Diagnostic Systems, Kennett Square, PA

SESSION 2: Point-of-Care Testing and Infectious Disease

Point-of-Care Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Anne Rompalo, MD, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA
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Self-Testing for HIV: A Game Changer, Really?
Nitika Pant Pai, MD, MPH, PhD, McGill University, CN
Infection Treatment in High Risk Patients
Nam Tran, PhD, University of California, Davis, CA, USA
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Novel Use of POCT Devices for Diagnosis of Bacterial Infections and Sepsis in Critical Care
Jonathan Dedes, Diazyme Laboratories, Poway, CA
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September 19, 2014
Vendor Presentations 
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics:  Matt Gibson
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Alere Informatics: Brian Gunderson
Nova Biomedical: Evangelos Ntrivalas, MD, PhD
Radiometer: Sy Albakri, PhD

SESSION 3: Point-of-Care Testing for Assessment of Coagulation
Clinical Overview of Coagulation Testing Issues
Alan Vogel, MD, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, USA
Platelet Function Assays
Ehtisham Mahmud, MD, Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center, La Jolla, CA, USA
Resonant Micro-Sensing Platform for Ultrasonic Characterization of Blood Coagulation
Reza Abdolvand, PhD, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
Oral Abstract Presentation:
FDA Regulations of Point of Care Testing Coagulation Devices
Claudia Dollins, PhD, FDA, Silver Spring, MD
Oral abstract presentation
Comparison of Point of Care Activated Clotting Time Systems in Different Clinical Settings in a Large Academic
Medical Center

Nichole Korpi-Steiner, PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

SESSION 4: Point-of-Care Testing for Emergency Preparedness and Resource Limited Countries
Good Medicine in Bad Places: Have POC Testing, Will Travel
Sean Smith, RN, Durham, NC
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Lessons Learned from Superstorm Sandy—The Bellevue Experience
Marjorie Bon Homme, PhD, Acutis Laboratory, Farmingdale, NY
Lab in a Backpack and Other POCT Technologies for Low Resource Settings
Brittany Rohrman, Rice University Global Health Institute, Houston, TX
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Global Point of Care: An Overview of Strategies for Disasters, Emergencies, and Public Health Resilience
Gerald Kost, MD, PhD, University of California, Davis, CA
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Chinese Point of Care Testing Initiative
XiXiong Kang, MD, PhD, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Beijing, China
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Oral abstract presentation
PATHFAST Presepsin in Patients with SIRS and Early Sepsis in the Emergency Department

Ricardo Carpio, MD, Hospital Rebagliati EsSalud, Lima, Peru
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September 20, 2014
Vendor Presentations 
Roche Diagnostics: Alan Wright, MD
HemoCue: Annika Eriksson
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Instrumentation Laboratory:  Sharon Ehrmeyer, PhD
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SESSION 5: Practical Applications of Point-of-Care Testing: Data Driven Solutions for Improved Outcomes

CMS Performance Measures: Practical Approach Using POCT

Yolanda Cillo, MD, Abbott POC, Princeton, NJ, USA
Use of Thromboelastography in Patient Blood Management
Ellen Klapper, MD, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hedyeh Shafi, MD, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA , USA

(PDF Slides)
Pediatric Clinical Decision Making Utilizing POCT Troponin Values
Kerstin Halverson, Children’s Hospitals & Clinics, Minneapolis, MN, USA
(PDF Slides)
Impact of Glucose Meter Accuracy on the Efficacy of Glycemic Control in Critically Ill Patients after Cardiovascular Surgery
Brad Karon, MD, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

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