2013 Meeting Handouts

AACC offers its conference attendees an archival repository of presentations given at its various conferences. If you attended any of the conferences listed below and would like to view the presentations given by the speakers, please click the "Presentation" link on that particular conference.

Please note: You must have been a conference attendee to view the presentations of a conference.

April 28 Professional Practice in Clinical Chemistry: Essential Knowledge and Tools for Working in Today's Lab
La Jolla, CA
April 18 45th Annual Oak Ridge Conference
Baltimore, MD
Sept 17-18 Mass Spectrometry in the Clinical Lab: Best Practices and Current Applications
St. Louis, MO
Presentations and Conference Materials
November 5-6 Novel Biomarkers of Kidney Disease: False Dawn or New Horizon? 30th Beckman Conference
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.
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