Meeting Proceedings

Emerging Technologies for 21st Century Clinical Diagnostics

AACC's 45th Annual Oak Ridge Conference

April 18-19, 2013 * Baltimore, MD

Day 1
Thursday, April 18, 2013

From Innovation to Commercialization: Taking New Technologies from an Academic Laboratory to the Marketplace
David R. Walt, PhD
Tufts University (Medford, MA)
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SESSION I -- Opening the Test Development Spigot: Better, Faster and Cheaper Affinity Reagents

Developing a Next-gen Pipeline for Rapid Recombinant Affinity-reagent Generation
Michael P. Weiner, PhD
AxioMx, Inc. (Branford, CT)
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Protein-based Affinity Reagents
Brian K. Kay, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago (Chicago, IL)
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Synthetic Polymer Nanoparticles: Abiotic Receptors for Peptides, Proteins and Carbohydrates
Kenneth J. Shea, PhD
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Stimuli-responsive Reagents Enable Rapid Biomarker Capture and Separation
Barrett Nehilla, PhD
Nexgenia, Inc. (Seattle, WA)
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Towards Small Molecule Diagnostics Using Aptamers and Backscattering Interferometry
G. William Jackson, PhD
Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc. (Houston, TX)
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SESSION II -- Nanopore Assays: DNA, Proteins and Beyond

Single Protein Characterization Methods with Nanopores
Michael Mayer, PhD
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)
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Nanopore Technology for the Analysis of Proteins and DNA
Liviu Movileanu, PhD
Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY)
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Biosensor and Chemosensor Applications of Nanopipette Technologies in Single Cells
Nader Pourmand, PhD
University of California at Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA)
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Direct Detection of Bacterial DNA and Viral RNA at Subfemtomolar Concentrations Using Single Molecule Arrays
Linan Song, PhD
Quanterix Corporation (Lexington, MA)
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On the Path to a Random-access LC/MS Workflow: A Novel Approach to Calibration
Donald Cooper, PhD
Waters Corporation (Manchester, United Kingdom)
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Day 2
Friday, April 19, 2013

SESSION III -- POCT/Implantable Sensors

Issues in Implantable vs. Insertable Biosensors
Robin A. Felder, PhD
University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA)
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Implantable Biosensors for Glucose Monitoring of Diabetic Patients
Diane Burgess, PhD
University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)
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The Future of Near-Patient Testing
Vicki Smith
Qualcomm Life – Wireless Health Technologies (San Diego, CA)
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A Truly Handheld, Rapid, Sensitive Electrochemical Immunoassay Point-of-Care System
Courtney Nicholson
AgPlus Diagnostics (Bedfordshire, United Kingdom)
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Point-of-Care Multiplexed Molecular Amplification and Visual Detection for HIV-1 and Beta-actin without Electricity
Jennifer Osborn, PhD
PATH (Seattle, WA)
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SESSION IV -- Biomarkers: Buyer Beware
Statistical Issues Affecting Biomarker Reliability
Steven J. Skates, PhD
Harvard School of Medicine (Boston, MA)
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Challenges in Translational Omics: Smart Strategies for Success
Nathan D. Price, PhD
Institute for Systems Biology (Seattle, WA)
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Moving Biomarkers from Discovery through Translation
Daniel W. Chan, PhD
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Baltimore, MD)
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A Next-gen Sequencing Assay for the Simultaneous Detection of Bladder Cancer-associated Protein and DNA Markers
Anthony Shuber
Predictive Biosciences (Lexington, MA)
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Next Generation Multiplexed Protein Screening
David Sloan
Inanovate, Inc. (Somerville, MA)
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