2013 Poster Abstracts

Posters of the accepted abstracts can be viewed in the Exhibit Hall of the George R. Brown Convention Center, on Tuesday, July 30 and Wednesday, July 31.  All posters will be posted for two and one half hours.  The presenting author will be in attendance during the final hour.  Please refer to the onsite Program Guide for a complete listing of the posters.

Below are the topics and their scheduled times.

Tuesday, July 30, Poster Sessions
09:30am – 5:00pm

Cardiac Markers  A01 – A74
Automation/Computer Applications A93 – A131
Molecular Pathology/Probes A93 – A131
Nutrition/Trace Metals/Vitamins  A132 – A154
Mass Spectrometry Applications   A155 – A222
Immunology A223 – A278
Endocrinology/Hormones A279 – A363
Clinical Studies/Outcomes  A364 – A424
TDM/Toxicology/DAU      A425 – A476
Hematology/Coagulation A477 –A525
Factors Affecting Test Results  A526 – A561


Wednesday, July 31, Poster Sessions
9:30pm – 5:00pm

Animal Clinical Chemistry   B01 – B09
Management  B10 – B41
Point-of-Care Testing  B42 – B88
Infectious Disease B89 – B150
Proteins/Enzymes B151 – B174
Cardiac Markers B175 – B239
Technology/Design Development   B240 – B267
Electrolytes/Blood Gas/Metabolites  B268 – B283
Pediatric/Fetal Clinical Chemistry  B284 – B315
Lipids/Lipoproteins B316 – B345


Ed. Note:  These abstracts have been reproduced without editorial alteration from the materials supplied by the authors.  Infelicities of preparation, grammar, spelling, style, syntax and usage are the authors’.  The abstracts of those posters that were presented at the meeting can be found in the October issue of Clinical Chemistry. 

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