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Join AACC in celebrating lab week with our social media campaign. Each day, we’ll be honoring Lab Medicine Luminaries past and present, as well as Inspiring Minds featured in Clinical Chemistry.

As part of our campaign, AACC is also featuring responses to the "Your Passion for Lab Medicine" survey. Read some of our favorite responses below, and look for them on our social media channels, where you can submit your own stories about how you make a difference in healthcare.

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Survey Results: Your Passion for Lab Medicine​

Why did you become a laboratorian?

"I make a difference in everything I do—I have a patient’s life in my hands with every specimen I test."
Cindy, Marshalltown, Iowa

"Laboratory medicine is the perfect blend of cutting-edge science and patient care."
Fred, Dallas, Texas

"To help people! It sounds like a child’s reply to the question, ‘what would you like to be when you grow up.’ But after more than 30 years in this business, it’s still my reason for becoming a laboratorian."
Carlo, Hermitage, Pennsylvania

"The ability to take all the pieces of the puzzle in the form of lab results and put them together to give a clear picture of what is going on with the patient is very rewarding to me."
Mark, Union City, Tennessee

"When in 1st grade, I had to be hospitalized. The father of one of my classmates was the hospital lab director, and he came and gave me a tour of the lab, complete with looking through a microscope and seeing growth on microbiology plates…I was in awe and decided that I wanted to do this when I grew up. I did and I still do!"
Penny, Moraine, Ohio

What’s your most important contribution to patient care?

"Saving a life every day."
Ronda, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"As a general chemistry supervisor, my biggest contribution is the quality of the work my department puts out. I’d stake my reputation on the work we report… I pride myself in that we don’t cut corners: we investigate and verify. I try to instill a good work ethic in all of the techs who work in my area."
Susan, Loma Linda, California

"I work for a manufacturing company that makes controls for diagnostic test kits. This helps ensure that the results that are produced by a lab are accurate."
Noreen, Douglasville, Georgia

"I provide information that no only influences and guides patient care, but sometimes also provides information that the physician didn’t expect that changes the course of the patient’s care and leads to a better outcome."
Cynthia, Salt Lake City, Utah

"As a laboratorian I believe my role can be summed up by the statement, I heal patients."
Beverly, Scottsdale, Arizona

Laboratory medicine is about...

"Science in action."
Harvey, Jamestown, New York

"Dedicate laboratory professionals providing the highest quality laboratory results and clinical support for the entire healthcare team."
Thomas, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Providing caregivers information for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Laboratory professionals are a compassionate team contributing to the health and well-being of our patients."
Kristen, Marshfield, Wisconsin

"Not taking shortcuts and sweating the details to get it right."
John, Shreveport, Louisiana

"Laboratory medicine is about discovery!"
Mary, Newark, Deleware

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