Abstract Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I submit my abstract?

Abstracts can be submitted from mid-November until mid-February each year for the Annual Meeting for that year.

Can I present submit my abstract if it has been published somewhere else?

The content must not have been previously published in a copyrighted, peer reviewed journal, such as Clinical Chemistry, by any one or more of the submitting authors. This does not apply to previous publication in an AACC local section or division newsletter or publication in conference proceedings that are distributed to conference attendees.

Is there a fee for submitting an abstract?

No, there is no fee to submit. If your abstract is accepted, you must register for the Conference and pay the appropriate fee.

When will I hear that I got accepted/rejected?
Submitting/presenting authors received notification of abstract disposition via e-mail the week of May 1st.

If I get accepted what happens? 

You will be expected to attend the Annual Meeting and present a poster during the time you are assigned.   You will then have your abstract published in the October issue of Clinical Chemistry.   If you do not present your poster at the meeting, your abstract will not be published in Clinical Chemistry.

Who can present the poster?

Anyone who is an author on the poster can present although we ask that if it is not the author that was designated to present, that you let the AACC office know in advance. Whoever presents the poster, must be a conference registrant for the meeting.

Do I have to register for the meeting to present my poster?

All poster presenters must register for the Conference and pay the required conference registration fees. You may not present a poster if you have only an Expo Only badge or an Exhibitor badge. Registration material is available online, at www.aacc.org/events/Annual_Meeting.

Poster Guidelines

See the website from early-April until the end of the Annual Meeting to access the requirements for presenting your poster.

Can I change/edit my abstract?

Abstracts can be edited (including author changes) until the abstract submission deadline. No changes of any kind may be made after that date.

How do I withdraw my accepted abstract?

From the time you are notified that your abstract has been accepted until July 31, 2013, your abstract can be withdrawn and will not be published in Clinical Chemistry.  After July 31st, if you presented your poster at the Annual Meeting, you will not be able to withdraw as the abstract will already have been sent to Clinical Chemistry for publication.  To withdraw your accepted abstract, email Gail Mutnik, Director of Meetings at gmutnik@aacc.org​.

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