CLN's Spotlight is an electronic newsletter dedicated to the premier event in the laboratory medicine field, AACC's Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo. Published approximately 20 times before the Annual Meeting, each issue highlights the novel and notable science, events, networking and business opportunities of this peerless show.

2014 CLN Spotlight on the Annual Meeting Issues
February 17 Back to the Future; Newborn Screening and Beyond
March 12 A Meeting of Firsts; AMOC: A Team of Excellence
April 8 Latin American Connection; Division Doings
May 6 The Point of Care Issue
May 20 Not so Basic Basics
June 3 Drug Monitoring: New Tools and Technologies
June 10 Cracking the Lab Utilization Nut
June 17 SYCL Comes of Age
June 24 The Nexus of Cutting-Edge Science
July 1 The 3Cs: Comments, Consultation, Collaboration
July 7 The New, Improved CLN
July 9 Book It!
July 11 Mixers: The Great Elixer
July 15 The Expo: Global and More—Commerce, Knowledge, Connections
July 17 What to Know Before You Go
July 22 A Message from the President
August 15 What a Week!
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