ACCENT® Application Instructions

Click here for the ACCENT® ACTIVITY APPLICATION document

  • All applications should be completed and submitted electronically. Accompanying documents (e.g., program brochure, speaker forms and commercial support agreement forms) may be submitted as an attachment, identified with your provider name and program title.
  • If submitting a hard copy, please send two copies of the application and accompanying documents.
  • Incomplete applications may result in delays, a late fee, or rejection of the application.


AACC local sections and divisions need not send payments.  For divisions, applicable fees will be deducted from the appropriate division budget, and for local sections, the late fee, if applicable, will be deducted from the annual allotment check. 

Non – AACC Providers offering 12 or more programs in a calendar year, will receive a discount on their combined activity application fees.  To receive the discount, the provider must determine the number of programs in the beginning of the year and pay the activity application fees in advance.  We accept the following forms of payment:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Checks made payable to AACC.

Please submit your payment with a CE Fee Submission Form.

For a copy of the fee schedule click here

ACCENT fees 2014 fees
Base Activity Application Fee for 1 day activity First application of the calendar year $450*
Base Activity Application Fee (subsequent apps in the calendar year) Subsequent apps in the calendar year $160*
  Additional links for online eval. form and certificate (new) $20/link
Late fee (for applications received less than 30 days before activity start date) $225

*Includes complimentary link to online evaluation form and certificate.

A late fee ($225) will be charged for all standard applications submitted less than 30 days before the activity date. This fee applies to ALL providers


Number of CE credit hours requested: Any activity between 50-60 minutes will be designated as one credit hour. To calculate credit hours for activities lasting more than sixty minutes, determine the total minutes of contact time, EXCLUDING all breaks, lunches, introductions, and wrap-ups, and divide the total minutes by 60.

Credit requested in California:Providers must sign the California Letter of Agreement in order to offer CE credit in the State of California. The agreement is located on the application.

Credit requested in Florida: Providers must assign a credit category that will be displayed on the attendees' Verification of Participation certificate (attendance certificate). Select one of the categories shown below:

Florida Credit Categories:
Andrology Histology
Blood Banking Histocompatibility
Blood Gas Analysis Immunohematology
Clinical Chemistry/UA/TOX Laws and Rules of the Board
Cytology Medical Errors
Cytogenetics Microbiology/Mycology/Parasitology
Embryology Molecular Pathology
General (only use if none of the other categories pertain) Radioassay/Nuclear Medicine
Hematology Serology/Immunology
HIV/AIDS Supervisory/Administration/QC/QA/Safety


Level of Instruction: Assign level according to the following:
Basic: This introductory material is appropriate for participants who lack previous training or experience in the subject, or whose previous experience or training is minimal.
Intermediate: This material requires knowledge of the basic theory applicable to the general subjects, and some prior training and education in the subject.
Advanced: This material is a specialized presentation appropriate for those with working knowledge of current theory and practice who wish to refine their skills or to learn the newest principles and techniques.

Target Audience: List who will benefit, educationally, from attending this activity.

Needs Assessment: A need represents a gap between an individual's current level and some desired level of knowledge, skills, or attitudes. Needs assessment is the systematic collection and analysis of information about the educational deficiencies of a target audience. 

Time Schedule: A detailed schedule listing all start time and stop times for each lecture must be included. A detailed program brochure or schedule may be attached with the activity application.

Faculty: Provide each speaker's name and provide and ACCENT® Speaker Form for each speaker.

The ACCENT® Speaker Form provides AACC with the following information for each speaker:

  • Speaker's name and contact information
  • Presentation title and learner objective(s)
  • Speaker disclosure* (disclosure of financial relationships with any company whose specific products/services will be mentioned or discussed in the presentation)

*The speaker disclosure information ensures that audience members are informed of any financial relationship between a company and a speaker that might potentially preclude an unbiased, scientific presentation. The audience must be made aware of any relationships disclosed by the speaker(s) prior to the start of the activity. This can be done as a handout distributed to attendees, a verbal announcement, or on a slide shown before the presentation begins.

Commercial Support: If a company will be providing an educational grant or financial support, then a representative of the company must complete and sign the Commercial Support Agreement Form which defines the relationship between the company and the provider. The form states that:

  • The activity must be for scientific and educational purposes only and will not promote the company's products, directly or indirectly. Company-developed activities are allowed if they do not promote products or services marketed or sold by that company or any other commercial entity.
  • Commercial support for an activity should be in the form of an educational grant made payable to the provider.
  • Commercial support will be acknowledged in printed announcements, brochures, and/or handout materials. In the acknowledgement, no reference can be made to specific products or services.
  • Companies may not promote their products or services where the audience will have to view them during the educational session.

Evaluation of Activity and Speakers: Participants must be given the opportunity to evaluate each activity and the speaker(s).

  • AACC offers a free standard online evaluation form for this purpose. A summarized report of all the evaluation results is also provided.
  • Providers wishing to use an evaluation process other than the AACC standard evaluation form must send a sample copy with the activity application.


  • The application must be submitted to AACC at least 30 days prior to the activity date. A late fee will be charged for applications received after the deadline.
  • The application and accompanying documents may be submitted electronically to . If submitting in hard copy, please send two copies.
  • A check for the activity fee must be sent with the CE Fee Submission Form to the ACCENT® Education Coordinator at AACC, 1850 K Street, NW Suite 625, Washington, DC 20006.
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