Apply for ACCENT® Accreditation

How to Apply for ACCENT® Accreditation for your Educational Program

Step 1 – Prepare the Application (click here for detailed application instructions)

  • ​Select one person within your organization to serve as the Continuing Education (CE) Officer for the entire year. The CE Officer will be responsible for submitting the forms to apply for ACCENT accreditation.
  • At least six weeks before an activity, compile the following:

Step 2 – Submit ACCENT® Activity Application and Payment

  • Submit the ACCENT® Activity Application and accompanying documents (program schedule or brochure, disclosure forms and commercial support agreement forms, if applicable) at least 30 days before the activity date.
  • Submit credit card payment or send a check for the activity application fee and provider registration fee* (if applicable) with a CE Fee Submission Form.

Applications received less than 30 days prior to the activity will incur a late fee of $225. This fee applies to ALL providers.

ACCENT fees 2014 fees
Base Activity Application Fee for 1 day activity First application of the calendar year $450*
Base Activity Application Fee (subsequent apps in the calendar year) Subsequent apps in the calendar year $160*
  Additional links for online eval. form and certificate (new) $20/link
Late fee (for applications received less than 30 days before activity start date) $225

*Includes complimentary link to online evaluation form and certificate.

Step 3 – Receive Notification from AACC

  • After the application is processed and reviewed, the ACCENT® Education Coordinator will notify the CE Officer regarding the decision on the application.
  • For approved activities, the ACCENT® Education Coordinator will provide the accreditation statement for the program announcement and instructions on the administration of the evaluation and attendance certificate process.
  • Approximately 45 days after the activity, a summary report of the evaluation responses will be sent by email to the CE Officer.

Important note for activities in which ACCENT® credit will be granted to Florida licensees AND the AACC evaluation and attendance certificate tool will not be used. The CE Officer must submit to AACC an electronic list of the names and license numbers of the Florida licensees within 30 days after the activity date so that the credits can be reported to CE Broker for the Florida Department of Health.

Questions? Contact the ACCENT® Education Coordinator at

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