General Research Grant

General Information  

Jane Yang, PhD

The 2014 General Research Grant was awarded to Jane Yang, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow – University of California, San Diego, for her project entitled "Tandem mass spectrometry-based molecular networking to detect drugs of abuse and analogues"

AACC provides a small start-up grant targeted to young investigators who need limited research funds to explore new ideas in areas where funds are not normally available.

Applications are due by March 15, for projects starting after June 1 of the same year.

How to Apply

Complete the
Application for Research Grant

Applications will be evaluated using the following scientific criteria:

  • Originality
  • Scope
  • Scientific significance;
  • Soundness of research plan;
  • Degree of achievability;
  • Potential for the project to lead to further exploration beyond grant period; and 
  • Transferability of research findings to actual practice.

Administrative criteria used will include:

  • Degree to which the research proposal is critical to the career of the applicant;
  • Degree to which AACC funding is critical to the start of the project;
  • Adequacy of the facility proposed; and
  • Satisfactory budget.

Preference for research grants will be given to young investigators.

Submit one electronic copy of your application to

Questions? If you have questions about the General Research Grant, please contact Membership & Awards Coordinator, April Gascon, at or call (800) 892-1400 x 1701 or (202) 835-8701.

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