How to Apply for the Student Research Award Program

To be eligible to compete in the Student Research Awards and the Student Travel Grants, you must:

  • Be an undergraduate or graduate student, college-level trainee, or post-doctoral fellow in clinical chemistry or related field.
  • Be the lead author of an accepted abstract for the upcoming AACC Annual Meeting.
  • Present the accepted abstract at the student research awards contest held during the AACC Annual Meeting.

How to Apply

Step 1: Check the box for “Student Awards Program”
When submitting your abstract, check the appropriate box below (you must check this box to be entered for the Student Research Awards and the Student Travel Grants).

Step 2: Submit a Written Request to Compete

  • Send an email or letter to the AACC Education Coordinator, indicating your desire to enter the Student Awards contests. Provide your full name, address, telephone number, email address, abstract title, and abstract control number (the number assigned to your abstract when you submitted it online).
  • Accompanying your request, there must be a document (on letterhead) from your faculty advisor affirming your student status.

Note: For the Student Research Awards (oral presentations and poster contest); only one abstract will be eligible for consideration.

Step 3: Submit Your Written Request and Faculty Advisor Letter by March 1
Submit by email or fax to the AACC Education Coordinator to:

FAX: 202-833-4576

Step 4: Receive Notification from the AACC Education Coordinator

  • After your written request is reviewed, the AACC Education Coordinator will notify you by email regarding the outcome of your request (notifications are typically sent in late spring).
  • If you do not receive a notification by May 15, contact the AACC Education Coordinator immediately at 800/892-1400 ext. 1701 or 202/857-0717 ext. 1701 or by email to
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