Student Award Winners Quotes

Here’s what some of the prize-winning students had to say about their experiences at the 2007 Annual Meeting in San Diego:

"Travel grants are a very effective use of funds to help junior scientists like myself attend the meetings."
Isolde Seiden-Long, Ph.D.

"The most valuable part of my experience at the AACC Annual Meeting was participating in the student poster competition for the first time; getting to share my work with world-renowned clinical chemists; networking and meeting new students from other Clinical Chemistry programs."
Deanna Franke, Ph.D., M.T.

"Learning…Lean-thinking and Process mapping…from the bottom – up allowed me to start dissecting those processes within our lab that need attention. I have already started engaging the lab directors/administrators and technologists to start thinking about lab processes that require revision and hope to start a small focus group to start tackling some of the processes that hinder our efficiency."
Deanna Frank, Ph.D., M.T.

"I had the opportunity to meet several other students and very important researchers in the same area of interest, and they contributed to my work by asking questions, suggesting new experiments and alternatives to my findings."
Marie Alice Vieria Willrich, M.Sc.

"Our group got some suggestions on ApoB measurement as a cardiovascular disease risk factor, and we are starting a project on that."
Jing Cao, M.S.

"I brought (back) to Brazil a whole new impression of what is going on in the clinical chemistry field, and I have organized a meeting with the staff i work with to share my impressions."
Marie Alice Vieria Willrich, M.Sc.

"The information of scientist's lectures I have learned at the meeting is helpful for my research and I plan to use some new techniques in my programmes."
Chuan-Xin Wang, M.D.

"I enjoy making new friends, meeting with old friends. These relationships have been invaluable as they provide a new source for mentors. I also enjoy the scientific content of these meetings."
Marjorie Bon Homme, Ph.D.

"The communication with other researchers and exchanging scientific ideas are most interesting to me."
Chuan-Xin Wang, M.D.

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