Past-Presidents Scholarships Funded by the Van Slyke Foundation

Thanks to an extremely generous gift from Mr. Gopal Savjani to AACC's Van Slyke Foundation (VSF), AACC was able to create the Past-Presidents' Scholarship program, funding postdoctoral trainees in laboratory medicine since 2006. Eight Past-Presidents' Scholarships have been awarded to date, and Mr. Savjani's ongoing philanthropy has enabled the Foundation to continue to make scholarship awards in 2010 and 2011. The recipients and their institutions are listed below.

These scholarships are available only to post-doctoral candidates in ComACC-approved training programs. The bias is to fund one new applicant per program and to support new initiatives rather than to replace existing funding, so the most desirable applications will be from new programs or for an additional applicant at an existing program.

The scholarship program was administered by a VSF working group and scholarship applications were reviewed by a committee of AACC Past-Presidents. The program has been suspended due to lack of funding.


Joe El-khoury (2012-2013)
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Ohio

"I would like to give special thanks to Mr. Gopal Savjani and AACC for this prestigious scholarship. I have traveled far pursuing a career in clinical chemistry, and to receive your recognition is encouraging and motivating."

Anna Füzéry (2011-2012)
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

"I am very honoured and grateful to be the recipient of this year's Past-Presidents Scholarship. This scholarship will serve as a constant source of inspiration and motivation to strive for the highest excellence in everything I do as a clinical chemist."

Dr. Laura Bender

Dr. Laura Bender (2010-2011)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"This scholarship will allow me to pursue my ultimate goal, which is to use my existing knowledge and fellowship training to enhance patient care and treatment while being mindful that every test performed and interpreted has a real impact on patients and their families."


Dr. Joely Straseski (2009-2010)   
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD

"I am honored to have been chosen from many qualified candidates for a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Chemistry and look forward to contributing to this exciting field."

Dr. T. Scott Isbell  (2008-2010) 
Washington University, St. Louis, MO
"The AACC Past Presidents' Scholarship is a prestigious award in the field of laboratory medicine that recognizes the awardees potential to perform cutting edge biomedical translational research addressing key clinical problems in the laboratory medicine environment."


Dr. Leann Mikesh  (2007-2009)
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

"I want to thank you for selecting me as a Past President's Scholar. I am honored and grateful for this opportunity."

Dr. Kara Lynch, PhD (2007-2009)
University of California, San Francisco
"I greatly appreciate receiving the encouragement and support from the Van Slyke Foundation at the beginning of my clinical chemistry studies. I also hope to be involved in and contribute to the Foundation in the future."


Dr. Ross Molinaro (2006-2008)
Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA  

"Dr. James Ritchie (Emory Hospital), Dr. Corinne Fantz (Emory Hospital), Dr. David Koch (Grady Hospital), and Dr. Tom Burgess (Quest Diagnostics) have done an outstanding job in preparing me for a future in Clinical Chemistry. They all have gone above and beyond to assist me in every aspect of my Clinical Chemistry education…"

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