Obtain a Visa? Request a Letter of Invitation?

Most travelers to the US must obtain a visa indicating that the US Government has given permission for them to travel to the US.  Residents of certain countries may travel to the US without a Visa under the Visa Waiver Program.  To see if this applies to you, click here .

AACC has provided information about the visa application process for international travelers on our website.  For general information, please go to the "Visas" area of the AACC website.  We provide general information and links to the various US government sites that provide detailed information. 

Letters of Invitation

We provide information about requesting an official letter of invitation from AACC to attend the conference in the "Letters of Invitation" area of the AACC website.

Additional visa information that may be relevant to a specific AACC conference or meeting is located in that conference’s website.

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