Outstanding Scientific Achievements by a Young Investigator

This award recognizes and encourages the professional development of a young investigator who has demonstrated exceptional scientific achievements early in his or her career. It is given based on the degree of originality exhibited in the individual's creative process and the significance of the research conducted relevant to the field of clinical laboratory medicine. It is conferred upon an individual who has the potential to be an outstanding investigator of the future. (The individual must not have reached the age of 40 by January 1 in the year in which the award is to be given and must be an AACC member.)

2014Pete A. Kavsak, PhD
2013Rossa W.K. Chiu, PhD
2012Andrew Hoofnagle, PhD
2011Linnea Baudhuin, PhD, DABMG
2010Amy Saenger
2009Joshua Bornhorst, PhD
2008Alex Rai, PhD
2007Loralie J. Langman, PhD
2006Roshini Abraham, PhD
2005Liu-Ying Luo, PhD
2004Yaniv Sherer, MD
2003George Yousef, MD
2002Thomas Daly, MD
2001Lynn Bry, PhD
2000Sridevi Devaraj, PhD
1999Elizabeth M. Rohlfs, PhD
1998Uttam Garg, PhD
1997Gregory J. Tsongalis, PhD
1996Ann Gronowski, PhD
1995David Hage, PhD
1994Bruce Goldberger, PhD
1993Marcie Hursting, PhD
1992Bryan Wolf, PhD
1991Amitava Dasgupta, PhD
1990Thomas Prior, PhD
1989Timothy Schroeder
1988Nader Rifai, PhD
1987Thomas M. Annesley, PhD
1986Alan Wu, PhD
1985Eleftherios P. Diamandis, MD, PhD
1983Daniel Nealon, PhD
1982Norman Leigh Anderson, PhD
1981Jean-Pierre Bretaudiere
1981Stephen Thibodeau, PhD
1980Thomas Grove, PhD
1979Eric Sampson, PhD
1978Robert Rej, PhD
1977Herbert K. Naito, PhD
1976Lawrence M. Silverman, PhD