AACC-NACB Award for Outstanding Contributions To Clinical Chemistry In A Selected Area Of Research

This award recognizes especially meritorious research contributions by an individual in a specific area of clinical chemistry. The clinical chemists who have received this award have achieved national and international status for their pioneering efforts in an area of research considered fundamental to the science and have been considered among the world’s foremost experts in that specific discipline.

2014Mario Plebani, MD
2013Gregory J. Tsongalis, PhD
2012Yuk-Ming Dennis Lo, MD
2011Peter C. Nowell
2010Robin A. Felder, PhD
2009Fred S. Apple, PhD
2008Marilyn A. Huestis, PhD
2007Michael J. Bennett, PhD
2006Hugo Katus, MD
2005David B. Sacks, MD
2004Carl Wittwer, PhD
2003Ishwarlal Jialal, PhD
2002Jack H. Ladenson, PhD
2001James L. Wittliff, MD, PhD
2000Alfred H. Free, PhD
1999Eleftherios P. Diamandis, MD, PhD
1998Larry Kricka, PhD
1997Edwin F. Ullman, PhD
1996James C. Sternberg, PhD
1995John Albers, PhD
1994Ronald J. Elin, PhD
1993Kary B. Mullis
1992Walter Dandliker
1991Arthur Karmen, MD
1990Larry D. Bowers, PhD
1989Leland Charles Clark Jr, PhD
1989John W. Severinghaus, MD
1989Richard W. Stow, PhD
1988Herbert K. Naito, PhD
1987David E. Bruns, MD
1986Helen K. Berry
1985Peter Jatlow, MD
1984Robert B. McComb, PhD
1983Basil T. Doumas, PhD
1982Charles E. Pippenger, PhD
1981J. Stanton King, PhD
1980Charles D. Scott, PhD
1979Robert Schaffer, PhD
1978Harry L. Pardue, PhD
1977Theodore Peters, PhD
1976Nathan O. Kaplan, PhD
1975Rosalyn S. Yalow, PhD
1974Lena Armstrong Lewis, PhD
1973George N. Bowers, MD