Outstanding Contributions in Education

This award recognizes an individual who has devoted a major portion of his/her professional life to enhancing the practice and profession of clinical chemistry through education. The educator selected for this award has made significant, innovative, and/or cumulatively outstanding contributions to education in clinical laboratory science. These contributions should include excellence in education beyond the local level, with widespread recognition of the recipient's excellence which may include teaching, directing, mentoring, writing, and speaking abilities, ideally to multiple levels of audiences.

2014Michael L. Astion, PhD
2013David E. Bruns, MD
2012David B. Sacks, MD
2011Edward R. Ashwood, MD
2010Amitava Dasgupta, PhD
2009Michael Laposata, MD
2008William E. Winter, MD
2007Craig A. Lehmann, PhD
2006Catherine A. Hammett-Stabler, PhD
2005Robert H. Christenson, PhD
2004Larry Broussard, PhD
2003Paul Wolf, MD
2002Alan Wu, PhD
2001Lawrence M. Silverman, PhD
2000Mitchell Scott, PhD
1999D. Robert Dufour, MD
1998Christopher P. Price, PhD
1997Christopher S. Frings, PhD
1996Oren Zinder, PhD
1995Peter Jatlow, MD
1994Jiro J. Kaneko, DVM, PhD
1993Richard B. Passey, PhD
1992Herbert A. Fritsche, PhD
1991Marge A. Brewster, PhD
1990H. Peter Lehmann, PhD
1989Jack H. Ladenson, PhD
1988Julius Kerkay, PhD
1987John Al Lott, PhD
1986Edward C. Knoblock
1985Richard H. Gadsden, Sr., PhD
1984Allan G. Gornall, PhD
1983Edward W. Bermes, PhD
1982Harry E. Weisberg, MD
1981F. William Sunderman, Sr., MD, PhD
1980Roger J. Thibert, PhD
1979Paige K. Besch, PhD
1978Hanns-Dieter Gruemer, MD
1977Hugh J. McDonald, DSc
1976Norbet W. Tietz, PhD
1975Max E. Chilcote, PhD
1974Morton K. Schwartz, PhD
1973Joseph I Routh, PhD
1972Martin Rubin, PhD
1971Alex Kaplan, PhD