AACC Lectureship Award

This award recognizes an outstanding individual whose efforts have had a profound effect on the field of clinical chemistry, either directly or indirectly. The effect may have been achieved through excellence in basic or clinical research, preventive medicine, medical economics or health administration. Because the awardee will present the plenary lecture at the AACC Annual Meeting, the ideal candidate is an individual who is one of the top scientists in the field; one who attracts national attention; one who is considered to have made basic yet significant contributions to the science; and one who is an attractive lecturer. The recipient of this award is expected to submit a written paper of the lecture presented for possible publication in Clinical Chemistry.

2008P. Roy Vagelos, MD
2007William E. Evans, PharmD
2006Harvey Fineberg, MD, PhD
2005Harvey Alter, MD, PhD
2004Maxine Singer, PhD
2003J. Craig Venter, PhD
2002Harold Varmus, MD
2001W. French Anderson, MD
2000David D. Ho, PhD
1999Charles Hennekens, MD
1998Anthony S. Fauci, MD
1997Arnold S. Relman
1996Michael S. Brown,MD
1995Francis S. Collins, MD, PhD
1994Leroy Hood, PhD
1993W. Edwards Deming, PhD
1992Etienne-Emile Baulieu, PhD
1991Arthur Kornberg, MD
1990Robert Gallo, MD
1989Robert Williamson, PhD
1988Joseph L. Goldstein, PhD
1987Lance Liotta, PhD
1986Carl A. Burtis, PhD
1985Donald W. Moss, PhD
1984John Savory, PhD
1983Baruch S. Blumberg
1982John Bernard Henry, MD
1981George Cahill
1980Bennie Zak, PhD
1979Robert Levy, PhD
1978Rosalyn S. Yalow, PhD
1977Henry Kunkel
1976Evan Horning
1976Margorie Horning
1975Martin Rubin, PhD
1974Russell J. Eilers
1973Linus Pauling, PhD
1972U.S. von Euler
1971M.C. Sanz
1970John Wilkinson
1968Bert Valee, PhD
1967E.J. Van Kampen, PhD
1966Wilfried von Studnitz
1965Carl-Bertil Laurell, PhD