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Recipients of AACC's 2014 Awards

General Information

AACC presents several awards each year to clinical chemists and other clinical scientists who work in the field of clinical laboratory science. These awards are presented to:

  • Recognize the outstanding achievements by these individuals
  • Make the scientific community and general public aware of exceptional contributions by clinical chemists to the development of the science of clinical chemistry and the improvement of health care
  • Stimulate and encourage other scientists to accelerate their efforts to contribute to the advancement of the field of clinical laboratory science.

Nomination Procedures

Any AACC member or group of members, such as a local section, division, or committee, may submit nominations for an award. Nominations will also be considered from nonmember individuals and organizations.

Nominations must include the following:

  • a letter containing an evaluation and appraisal of the nominee's accomplishments;
  • a minimum of three letters of support detailing the nominees career (up to 10 letters of support will be accepted);
  • a curriculum vitae for the nominee;
  • a list of the nominee's publications and patents (if applicable);
  • Incomplete nominations packages will not be considered.

Please submit one complete set of nominating materials by email to Nominations must be received by December 31st.

The following awards require additional nomination package components:

  • AACC-NACB Research Award: The nomination letter for the AACC-NACB Selected Area of Research award should include a list of the nominee's ten most important papers.
  • Young Investigator Award: The nomination letter must include an evaluation of the originality of the candidate's contributions (the nominee must have been the principal investigator or author of the research, rather than one of many collaborators).
  • The AACC Edwin F. Ullman Award for Technology Innovation: Nominations must include a one-page summary of the nominee's most significant contributions relevant to the award, and a list of the nominee's most significant publications and patents (not to exceed ten). The AACC Edwin F. Ullman Award for Technology Innovation is awarded in odd years only.

A previous recipient of an AACC Award may be nominated for an additional award, if the candidate has made significant contributions in a different area that warrant such consideration. A previous recipient may also be nominated for the same AACC Award if that individual has made additional outstanding contributions in the same area. Members of the Awards Committee are not eligible for an AACC Award during their tenure on the committee. Officers of AACC are eligible to receive an AACC Award during their term of office.

The AACC Awards Committee will review all nominations and select the award recipients in February. All those who submitted nominations for individuals who were not selected will be notified shortly thereafter. (The authors of letters of support will not be individually notified.)

Nominations, accompanied by all supporting materials including curriculum vitae and letters of support, may be submitted at any time during the year but must be received no later than December 31 of the year prior to the year for which the individual is nominated. Nominations for The AACC Lectureship Award should be submitted by December 31 two years prior to the year for which the individual is nominated. Individuals who have been nominated in previous years must be formally renominated, with new curricula vitae submitted if there have been any major accomplishments. Previous Young Investigator nominees, who still meet the age criteria, must also be formally renominated and updated curricula vitae submitted. Send one complete set of nominating materials by email to

Questions? If you have questions about the AACC Awards, please contact Membership & Awards Coordinator, April Gascon, at or call (800) 892-1400 x 8701 or (202) 835-8701.​

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