NACB: Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines (LMPG)

Since 1994, NACB has developed consensus-based guidelines for the laboratory evaluation and monitoring of patients with specified disorders.  After a series of public presentations and reviews designed to reach consensus among the experts, the guidelines are published online.

Several LMPGs have been translated into other languages, which include French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Spanish.  NACB welcomes collaboration with colleagues in other countries.  For copyright and translation information, please contact Cheryl Kassed.

NACB's guidelines are available online for free; print versions are available for purchase through AACC Press.      

Standard Operating Procedures for Developing LMPGs

These Standard Operating Procedures for Preparing, Publishing and Revising National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines provide guidance for new guideline development as well as for updating previously published LMPGs. Also included are recommendations for reviewing clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) of other organizations.

The document was updated in 2014 to incorporate, where relevant, adherence to the Institute of Medicine's standards for developing trustworthy CPGs, as well as feedback received during our public comment period. The NACB's responses to public comments can be found on the AACC Evidence Based Medicine home page.

Published Guidelines

Diabetes Update 2011 Online Purchase
Liver, Bladder, Cervical, and Gastric Tumor Markers 2010 Online Purchase
Pharmacogenetics 2010 Online Purchase
Testicular, Prostate, Colorectal, Breast and Ovarian Tumor Markers 2009 Online Purchase
Emerging CVD and Stroke Risk Factors 2009 Online Purchase
Expanded Newborn Screening 2009 Online Purchase
Tumor Marker Tests: Quality Requirements 2009 Online Purchase
Biomarkers of ACS and Heart Failure 2007 Online Purchase


Archived Guidelines

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